Catbells Festival Of Light

Catbells, Newlands, Swinside Inn
Catbells across Derwentwater

A while ago, my mum told me about a fundraising walk we could do together.  Fundraising can sometimes be for people in Africa, but I found out that this was to raise money to help Nepal, where there’s been a serious earthquake. Lots of people’s houses collapsed, and some families were killed, so it was really bad, and they need help.

The walk was to go up Catbells.  I know which mountain that is, because it’s right near where I live at The Swinside Inn, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever walked up it before.

Mum said that we had to shine torches in the dark to make a line of lights, and it might be cold. So my mum, Sharon, my dad, Ben, my brother William, who’s 6, and I put on our coats and mountain boots, and set off to meet with our friends; Lewis (9), Joshua (8), Connie (7), Grace (10), and Alex (6) and all their mums and dads, who were all going on the walk too.

We didn’t go all the way to the top of Catbells, as there were a lot of people there, so we stopped at the first bump, and that wasn’t too hard to walk to. There were lots of people arriving – I think more than 100 – and we also had to wait for it to get dark, so there was a bit of standing about.  I’d brought a school book to read, and some of the others were playing Match Attax, and we were eating sweets and monkeying around. I tripped over, and thought I was going to fall off the mountain!  It was a laugh.

As it got dark, we made sure we had our head torches on, and we were shouting ‘Whoo!’, and someone was shouting ‘Face The Lake!’, then ‘Turn to Swinside!’ and ‘Face Walla Crag!’, so that photographs could be taken of all the lights in a big line.

Then it was really cold, so we went back down the hill and played Bear Ghrylls on the way, and went to my friend’s place to play musical instruments and sing, which warmed us up.  And when we watched a film, snuggled up and warm under the covers, I felt that it was the exact opposite of being on the mountain.

On Monday at school, lots of people from my class said they’d been on Catbells at the same time as us, but it was so busy, we hadn’t seen them.

I’m not sure how much money was raised, but I think it was over £1000.00*.  Over all, I enjoyed it – it was really fun, and I’d do it again.

*Amount Raised

£3875 (including the Just Giving Page £9357 – about £11000 including Gift Aid)

Photos for sale to raise more at Photos By Carmen

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