Moving The Bar – March 2017

We thought it was a ‘smallish’ job, moving that oddly shaped, inconvenient bar – little did we know!

Where the bar was

After kicking us all out, the brewery teams fenced off the whole building and started ripping out the old bar on 27 February

Didn’t take long!  And soon revelations were made – with many regular visitors, and locals commenting on social media, remembering what was in that room in the past.

We’re still waiting for someone to claim the curtains still hung at the walled up window!

The old window seemed useful – even if the curtains didn’t.

That ‘dippy’ old uneven floor’s been replaced, and an old fireplace exposed.

All to create a cosy seating area, instead of a dreary, impractical bar.

Putting In A New Bar

Aiming for a bar with the best views in the UK

Nostalgia, as parts of the old kitchen are spied.  And there’s a glimpse of the outside servery window.

Click here to see pics of the finished result.

Book A Table:  Ring the bar (the new bar!!) 01768778253.