Visit The Lake District With A Group

The Swinside Inn is the perfect place for group getaways, family gatherings, so whether it’s for a milestone birthday, a family occasion, or simply a meeting of old friends, have a look at what we offer.   

Do you keep putting off organising a trip because you know it’ll be like herding cats?

What we can do to help
We can either liaise solely with a group leader, or with individual group members.

There can be three main problems when trying to organise a group getaway

  • Agreeing the dates
  • Finding prices to suit everyone.
  • Sorting payments
We  can contact each individual guest with available dates and find dates suitable for all 
We can arrange payment with each individual guest, rather than asking one person to pay for everyone.
We can offer a variety of rooms to suit differing budgets

Once You’re Here

We’ll set you up with a hearty breakfast.
Provide Packed Lunches If Needed
Point you in the direction of a host of activities in the area.
We’ll be waiting at the bar at the end of the day.
We’ll reserve you tables.

Sit close to one of our blazing open fires, and we’ll fill you up with good traditional Lake District food, at a 10% discount.

We can accommodate 12 people bandb in the pub, in a 4 person room, 2 twins (or could be doubles), and 2 doubles.

Let’s start the ball rolling!

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