We now off small plate meals for drinkers


A Casual Drinker

  • Drinkers in the beer garden can access the bar via the Servery Hatch on the patio, at the top of the steps for takeaway style drinks and bar snacks. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open the bar area to the public.  There may be a possibility of limited space for drinkers, with waiter service, in our little ‘Middle Cottage’ room. We’ll have to play that by ear.  Ben did put up the marquee, however, it did blow away!

  • Please pay with a card.

If You’re In The Beer Garden

  • All customers in the beer garden will be served via the Servery Hatch on the patio, at the top of the steps. There won’t be access to the building, with the exception of the toilets, which are adjacent to the main entrance.

  • Please use a card for payment.

  • There is a limited menu available outside.  When you order food (via the hatch), you’ll be given a number.  When your number is called, you’ll need to collect your order from the patio.


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