You Can Still Eat At The Swinside Inn

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If You’re In The Beer Garden

  • All customers in the beer garden will be served via the Servery Hatch on the patio, at the top of the steps. There won’t be access to the building, with the exception of the toilets, which are adjacent to the main entrance.

  • Please use a card for payment.

  • There is a limited menu available outside.  When you order food (via the hatch), you’ll be given a number.  When your number is called, you’ll need to collect your order from the patio.


When we’re allowed to let you inside…

  • We’ve reduced capacity, to enable better social distancing

  • We deep clean and steam sanitise all public areas every morning

  • We ask diners to book in advance.  You can book your table here, online.  The booking system itself will space the arrival of guests, so please don’t arrive early.

  • We collect contact details for use by Track And Trace

  • We provide hand sanitising stations

  • We clean and sanitise seating areas between customers

  • We wash/sanitise our hands between customers

  • We wear face masks indoors

  • We ask customers to wear face masks when not at their table.

  • We serve customers at their table (including contactless payment) to minimise the numbers of people walking around

  • We’ve closed our bar to the public

  • We’ve changed our menus, to enable social distancing in the kitchen, and will serve Bar Snacks (in the beer garden)


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