Parking in Newlands Valley.

There are lots of ways to avoid being a nuisance, and parking in Newlands Valley.

Map of Newlands Valley

By Bus

The 77 and 77A both stop at Swinside Green, which is a few steps from the eastern side of Newlands Valley.

The X5 stops at Braithwaite

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By Ferry

The Keswick Launch stops at several places on the Newlands side of Derwentwater

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There are a number of pleasant trails into the Valley

By Car

Many of the lanes are very narrow. Parked cars can slow down emergency services, disrupt a local farmer’s day, but also risk damage to the vehicle from herds of livestock, or passing tractors. The best places to park are the school at Braithwaite (open outside of school hours), and the Village Hall at Stair. Customers of The Swinside Inn can park in the Inn’s carpark, but others might get short shrift!

A local businessman has, in the past, been able to open land for temporary parking, but more recently has been thwarted by objections (we cannot, for the life of us, understand why). If you see a public carpark, please use it – and keep the lanes pleasant and safe for all.