Changes We’re Making To Keep You Safe

If you’ve visited us at The Swinside Inn in the past, you’ll notice a few changes from now on.

It’s not that we’ve wanted to make all these changes, but, in the absence of much in the way of proven fact about Covid19, we’ve done our best to do as much as possible to reassure and protect our customers, as well as our staff and family.

We want to continue to look after you, and ask that you respect the way that we’re trying to do that, by sticking to our rules, whether or not you agree with them.

Having said that, if you have any feedback, we definitely want to hear about it.  You can let us know, using the contact form below.

 As A Diner

  • You’ll find that some of the dining areas are a bit more spacious, as we’ve removed some tables, to allow for social distancing. This also gives a bit of elbow room for disinfecting stations at the entrance and exit.

  • We’re asking everyone who wants to eat inside to book in advance.  hopefully, this will reduce any queuing (and stress on our part). You can book your table here, online.  The booking system itself will space the arrival of guests, so please don’t arrive early.

  • When you eat inside the building, you are agreeing that we can keep your contact information, just in case a trace is required due to an outbreak.

  • We will come and serve you at your table.  Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open the bar area to the public.

  • We’ve changed our menus, to enable social distancing in the kitchen, and will serve Bar Snacks (in the beer garden and also inside the restaurant) 12 -8 pm, and restaurant meals 5 -8 pm.

  • We no longer accept cash.  When you think about how cash works, it is quite grim.  We aim to have a contactless card machine for each separate customer area.

  • We’ll ask you to enter the building via the usual main entrance, and at the end of your visit, leave via the door at the other end of the building in the Refuge Bar.  This may involve some people walking through another part of the building, it will hopefully avoid a bottleneck around the toilets, which are near the entrance.

  • Unfortunately, we can no longer seat parties larger than 7 inside the restaurant.  This is to help with ‘crowd’ management, but also to help stagger orders going into the kitchen which is now restricted to one chef.


A Casual Drinker

  • Drinkers in the beer garden/marquee can access the bar via the Servery Hatch on the patio, at the top of the steps for takeaway style drinks and bar snacks. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to open the bar area to the public.  There may be a possibility of limited space for drinkers, with waiter service, in our little ‘Middle Cottage’ room. We’ll have to play that by ear.  Ben has put up the marquee, however, it may have blown away by now.

  • Anyone eating or drinking in the building will be booked on to our system, in case contact details are needed following an outbreak.

  • We no longer accept cash.  When you think about how cash works, it is quite grim.


If You’re In The Beer Garden or Marquee ‘Beer Hall’

  • All customers in the beer garden/marquee will be served via the Servery Hatch on the patio, at the top of the steps. There won’t be access to the building, with the exception of the toilets, which are adjacent to the main entrance.

  • There’ll be a disinfecting station area for hands, and, for added peace of mind, supplies available to give your outside table an additional clean.

  • We no longer accept cash.  When you think about how cash works, it is quite grim.

  • When you order food (via the hatch), you’ll be given a number.  When your number is called, you’ll need to collect your order from the patio.

  • If we can continue to use our marquee to provide additional shelter, then we will.  This may depend on the actual weather conditions!  EDIT: SORRY, THE MARQUEE BLEW AWAY…


If You’re A Bed and Breakfast Guest

  • Check-in is now 5 pm.  This will hopefully allow the time required to deep clean the rooms, ready for you.  See below for further info about the cleaning.

  • When you arrive, a member of staff will take your details and direct you to your room, rather than accompanying you down the narrow landings.  This is a complete change for us, as we used to take the opportunity to reassure ourselves that guests had everything they needed.  We now have to hope that you’ll tell us if there’s anything amiss. Please note, you’ll have a back door key (back door at bottom of stairs), so you can access the building without walking through the pub.

  • Sadly, we’ve had to remove many of the personal touches that we had added to the rooms.  There’ll be no throws or throw cushions, tissues, cotton wool, or customer info book.  We’ll be building pages of information within this website. We’ve also removed the hard copy guest comments book from the landing area.

  • Hairdryers have also been removed, but if you need one, you only need to ask.

  • Hallway, stairs, and landings will be cleaned and sanitised once per day.

  • Your room will have been cleaned and then treated with an anti-bacterial misting machine

  • Bedding and towels are professionally laundered.

  • We’ve made the decision that we’ll no longer automatically go into your room for daily room servicing. This is also another enormous change for us, and we hope you understand. A refill package of teas, coffees, milk portions, toiletries, toilet paper, and a fresh bin liner, will be left outside your room daily. Top-ups are always available, as well as fresh towels and bath mats, on request. We ask that you please leave the rubbish outside the room in the morning. If you would like your room cleaned, please tell us at breakfast.

  • You can adjust the heating with the room stat on the wall in your room.

  • If you’re staying for a week or more, you can ask us to change the bedding on day 4. (We do ask that you strip the bed yourself).

  • We will automatically save you a table for dinner (unless told it won’t be needed). This may well be the table at which you have breakfast. Evening meals are served 5 – 8 pm, but you can also get Bar Snacks, inside, or in the Beer Garden between 12 and 8 pm.

  • Breakfast times have been adjusted to 8:30 – 9:30. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an early or late breakfast.

  • At check-out, we ask that you strip your bed, leaving bedding and towels in the bathroom.

  • We no longer accept cash (yuk).

  • For the time being, we’ll be sticking to our 2-night minimum stay rule.

  • On the plus side, returning visitors might notice new TVs in the rooms Barrow, Hindscarth and Robinson, and new mattresses in Dalehead and Hindscarth.

  • I’m also gonna add in here that I can’t remember when we last put our room prices up.  Was it 2016?  Hopefully that will last.


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