Fireworks, 2 November 2019. 

We want to keep you all safe, so please don’t come if you don’t have a ticket.

  • Thousands of £ s of fireworks
  • All weather marquee
  • Bar
  • Relaxed outdoorsey food menu

What time will gates open?

We’ll be collecting your tickets all afternoon

Can I reserve a table in the pub?

No, it’s going to be a relaxed, social evening, so no formal dining.  The fireworks are firing from a position off site, so the best views will be outside anyway.

What time will the display start?

This, of course, is very weather dependant!  We aim to do wind tests around 6 -6:30pm, and, as we do every year, we’ll judge it from there.

What if the weather’s bad?

So far (fingers crossed), we’ve managed a fireworks display every year.  But if we’re finally defeated, there’ll still be food, drink and the good craic of the several hundred people who attend every year

Will there be parking?

Sorry, no.  We’ll all be stood in the carpark.  Mike Anderton has kindly allowed parking on his land again.  Gates will be open on the right hand side of the road between Portinscale and The Swinside Inn.

Can I spend using a card?

Yes, cash or card.